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Queries the coordinates of a windows' icon in the taskbar


BOOL WINAPI GetWindowMinimizeRect (
    HWND hwndToQuery,
    RECT* pRect


The window whose rect is to be read
Pointer to a rect that receives the location of the icon in screen coordinates

Return Value

Non-zero if the function succeeds, zero on failure


If hwndToQuery is an eligible tray window (i.e. it does or can appear in the taskbar), the returned rect contains the coords of the taskbar button. The rect's contents are the final result after all the calling thread's WH_SHELL hooks (HSHELL_MINRECT) have been called and after all registered shell hook windows have been called with the WM_KLUDGEMINRECT (HWND, PRECT) message (0x8b). For other windows, the result is where the window would minimize to, above the start button