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Refreshes a shell browser window that contain a specific shell item


HRESULT WINAPI RefreshBrowserLayout (
    IShellItem* pItem


IShellItem representing an object being viewed by, or parented by open IShellBrowser.

Return Value

S_OK if enumeration of open shell browsers succeeded regardless of whether one containing pItem was found. A standard COM error code otherwise.


The open shell browsers are enumerated by the IShellWindows interface. Each in turn is queried for its IShellView. The pidl of the view is taken and compared to the pidl of pItem. If they, or the paths they represent are equal, WM_COMMAND(WPARAM 0x7104, LPARAM 0) is posted to the browser window.

In essence, this is the shell interface equivalent of pressing F5 in an Explorer window.

CoInitialize(NULL)/CoInitializeEx(NULL, COINIT_APARTMENTTHREADED) must be called prior to this function.

This function is also known as _RefreshBrowserLayout@4.